Ide (pronounced ee-dah) is an aquatic mermaid entertainer, available to swim to a party near you! Delightful and magical for both children and adults alike, Ide has been an entertainer & model since 2005, and has visited over 250 kids parties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ide’s first swimming fin was crafted by her always-encouraging mother when she was a sophomore in high-school. In her Jr. year she spent a season racing-sail boats across the San Francisco Bay, eager to be near water more often. She has spent her entire life living by the Pacific Ocean, up and down the coast, from her North Berkeley childhood home with a view of the bay, to a short walk from the Historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Her first year at UCSC, she would go to the beach to swim several times a week without fail, and was often spotted enthusiastically running into the waves at night, even in winter.

Ide is insured, and performs in the Vespertine Circus as an aerial acrobat, fire-dancer, living-statue & sideshow mermaid! Ide considers herself well-rounded for interacting theatrically with all four of the elements, air, fire, earth & water.

Ide’s performance background includes (but is not limited to):

  • underwater modeling
  • aerial acrobatics (silks, sling & aerial hoop)
  • face & body painting
  • singing
  • mime & physical comedy
  • fire dancing

*Ide (pronounced ee-dah)  is Irish for “thirst”

Where has she performed?

The San Francisco Regency Ballroom, The San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, 1015 Folsom, The Arlene Francis Center, The Cypress Lounge, The 418 Project, UC Santa Cruz, Mills College, UC Berkeley, Peterson Middle School, Google, SF Supperclub, The [Sacramento] Citizen Hotel, Burning Man Festival, 29th St. Ballroom, The California Stage, World Rhythm & Motion, The Mudlark Public Theatre, SLO Rotary Club’s Old Fashioned 4th of July, Autonomous Mutant Festival, FurrBall, The Vagabond Ballroom, New Amsterdam Bar, The Trunk Space, Free CircX For The People, Zami! Co-Op, and countless private venues.

Modeling References

“…It has become clear that I can only get technically superior results from models with extensive training and experience underwater.  Ide, among the models listed below have worked with me extensively and I would recommend them each and all highly for any professional underwater projects, or alternately for photographers attempting to learn to shoot underwater who needs a model who can perform consistently while they develop their technique.” – M. Alberch Mathews

Ide has to be the easiest person I have ever worked with as a model. For one thing her natural beauty is so overwhelming I almost found it impossible to take a bad photograph of her. Her ease of movement and light spirit made it simple to give her directions, which she could follow almost exactly to a tee.” – Daryl “Darko” Barnett

US passport holder, ready to travel worldwide.


  • Tail Flip, Issue 4, Dec 2012
  • Ladies of Steampunk, Nov 2012
  • Tube Magazine, July 2012
  • BLINK*magazine, Feb 2012
  • Sacramento Magazine, October 2011
  • Dark Beauty, Issue 1, July 2010
  • Photo Technique, June 2010
  • CMYK Magazine Vol. 49
  • SF Japan magazine in 2000 *Cover


  • Drew Fagan, Paintings 2004-2009 *Cover
  • Alice and Other Tales: Photography by Diana Elliott *Cover
  • Cemetery Girls by Daryl Darko
  • Misc. Print Work:
  • Academy of Art, SF, brochure
  • Culture Fu*k Flier
  • The Hugalopes Kickstarter Campaign
  • Print samples for color calibration software.
  • Gibbous Fashions Catalog
  • Honey Cooler Handmade Catalog


  • Bust 33″, A Cup
  • Waist 26″
  • Hips 34″
  • Weight – 133 lbs
  • Height – 5’10”
  • Shoe Size US Women’s 9


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